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Corporate Services - Staff Augmentation

Expert Guidance

We can augment staff to our client’s team with expertise based upon the unique needs of your project and respond to your business objective. We offer professionals with flexible availability ranging from days to years. Our project managers, construction managers, planners & schedulers, estimators, consultants and other professionals are available to staff any type of project at any phase.
In Project driven companies accomplishment of the specific project in most economical, efficient and effective manner within the constraints of time, cost and quality is prime objective. A critical problem in project driven companies,is the availability and management of scare resources. Outsourcing is one of the effective ways to solve this critical problem. Outsourcing is defined as long term contracting of a company's non-core business processes to an outside service provider to increase shareholder value.

Outsourcing has following benefits;

  • Control over staff
  • Integration with internal processes 
  • Leverages existing resources
  • Specialist expertise
  • Rapidly changing staffing needs
  • Reduce cost of acquiring skills
  • Reduce employer burdens
  • Meet aggressive project timelines
  • Internal acceptance
  • Ease of adoption