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Museum of Islamic Arts Doha Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art Project – Qatar

Past Projects : My Journey Through the Construction of the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar Read more
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NEO-PRoject Consulting

Applications of IoT in Construction

Applications of IoT in Construction

The versatility of IoT technology finds numerous applications in the construction industry, each aiming to improve specific aspects of construction operations. Here are some key areas where IoT makes a significant impact:

Monitoring Construction Read more

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IoT and Construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Construction History & Fundamentals of IoT

In this series of the blog posts we will deep dive to IoT technology in construction with the following headings.

  1. Introduction
  2. History of IoT
  3. Fundamentals of IoT in Construction
  4. Applications of IoT in Construction
  5. Challenges and Solutions
  6. Future of Read more
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Embracing Innovation: A Comprehensive Look at the Latest Trends in Construction Procurement


In the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, procurement practices play a pivotal role in shaping project success. With advancements in technology, changing regulatory landscapes, and evolving client expectations, construction procurement has undergone significant transformations in recent years. Read more

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Achieving Seamless Integration: From Operational-Level Construction Schedule to High-Level Master Schedule with Codes


Construction projects are intricate endeavours that require meticulous planning and coordination across multiple levels of detail. At the operational level, construction schedules break down tasks into manageable units, while high-level master schedules provide an overarching view of project Read more

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Navigating Construction Management Challenges: Definitions and Solutions

Construction management is a dynamic field that demands adaptability, foresight, and problem-solving skills. Throughout the lifecycle of a construction project, various challenges can arise, impacting timelines, budgets, and overall project success. In this blog post, we’ll explore common construction Read more

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Mastering Construction Scheduling: Building Success at Every Stage of Your Project


Efficient construction scheduling is the backbone of a successful construction project. It’s the art and science of organizing and managing all the tasks, resources, and timelines involved in turning a blueprint into a thriving structure. In this blog post, we’ll delve Read more

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Hamilton FirstOntario Centre Renovation Project – New Project Announcement

Oak View Group has signed a deal to develop a $280 million renovation of FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, that will see the 18,000-capacity arena that opened in 1985 revamped into a modern entertainment venue.

Please check EllisDon project Read more

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