Zahra Suleymanova

Junior Software Developer - (Co-Op)

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Zahra Suleymanova is an emerging talent in the tech industry, currently enriching her skills as a web developer at Neo International Inc. and pursuing an Honours BSc in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa, with an expected graduation year of 2026.

Currently a student at the University of Ottawa, she balances her academic pursuits with practical experience, most notably through her role as a web developer at Neo International Inc.. Zahra’s technical skills are vast, encompassing languages from Golang to Python and tools from Docker to Android Studio.

Her journey into the tech world is marked by her role at NEO-Project.App since January 2024, where she applies her knowledge and creativity in web development projects.

Beyond her professional commitments, Zahra is deeply involved in her academic community, serving as the Sponsorship Manager for Hack the Hill since September 2022 and as Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Computer Science Student Association from October 2022 to May 2023.

These roles highlight her leadership qualities and her dedication to fostering a supportive and enriching environment for her peers. Her educational foundation was laid at King City Secondary School, where she earned her high school diploma, setting the stage for her ambitious pursuit of a career in technology.

Zahra’s passion for technology is further demonstrated through her innovative projects, such as the Blood Donation and Mealer applications, showcasing her prowess in Django, Android Studio, and various programming languages.

Her pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, enriched by a cooperative education program, signifies her dedication to blending theoretical knowledge with practical experience, positioning her as a formidable force in technology and innovation.

Zahra’s journey is a testament to her passion for technology, her commitment to her education, and her active involvement in her community, marking her as a promising figure in the world of computer science.


  • CS50’s Introduction to Game Development, HarvardX, CS50G
  • Diploma, Nomination Piano, Fiestalonia International World Media Contest, First prize, Spain, June 2023

Education Summary:

  • University of Ottawa,
    Ottawa, ON
    B.S., Computer Science with CO-OP
    2021 - 2026
  • King City Secondary School,
    Toronto, ON
    2018 - 2021

Past Experience Summary:

  • Clothing Loop
    Application Developer
    May 2023 – September 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Utilized Golang to design, develop, and maintain microservices that formed the core of the application architecture. Leveraged Docker containers to encapsulate these microservices, ensuring seamless deployment and scalability.
    • Worked proficiently with Visual Studio Code to write, debug, and manage codebase efficiently. Implemented version control using Git for collaborative development, branching, PR, and code review workflows.
    • Utilized Postman to design, test, and document RESTful APIs, ensuring high-quality API endpoints and streamlined communication between microservices.
    • Participated in code reviews, collaborated with peers, and mentored junior developers, fostering a culture of code quality, best practices, and knowledge sharing.

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